SEO Services

Local or National SEO Services 

SEO (search engine optimization) services to improve your website’s current ranking and get you more traffic. Or add-on to the website we build for you. You must do this right to get indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines. Most web designers who are building a website do not take SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords into account. I do! Most don’t know how. It must be done right if you want to get traffic to your site.

In-depth keyword research and selection, finding you the best keywords and keyword phrases for your website to capitalize on organic traffic.

Optimized title tag generation

Well-written META description and geographical marketing tags

Main content suggestions

One custom written article using SEO (search engine optimization) and one submission to the best article directory to get you backlinks to your website (I’ve written more than 1000!) This article can be used on your website also to help generate traffic.

Submission to the top search engine directories (Google, Yahoo, MSN – Bing) and to one of my secret traffic getting spots that will bring you traffic forever.