Marketing Services

Need Internet Marketing Services?

Consulting or coaching and hand holding by phone in half hour increments or more and email follow-up. Ask me your most burning questions and I’ll give you honest answers. Will your ideas work or not. I can save you a lot of time and money and steer you in the right direction. $250/hour, $125/half hour for a short time only. I can only handle a few phone calls a month with so many projects going on for myself and clients. I have the knowledge and would love to help you! Internet Marketing Phone Consultations

If you need a website:

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If we do it – Set up a simple website or setting up a blog
 that doesn’t require you have an expensive website builder. This includes the first page – you provide the copy – under 1000 words. Does not include SEO or email address capture form for your customers – it you want one. Those services are extra, see SEO services package and email capture form below. Also there are many quality professional headers we can choose from when we design your website. $1795

If you do it – Help you choose the best website builder if you plan to build your own website or websites. It’s important that you choose the right one. Choosing the wrong website builder will waste a lot of time, money and energy. Some are very complicated and difficult to use and not designed for Internet marketing, especially if you plan to do any Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. Arrange consulting time.

Help with domain name selection— the wrong one can be a problem for years. The right one can help bring you business — take advantage of my Internet trade secrets. Free with website building. Otherwise let us know you need help. You won’t be able to change your domain name once you use it on your site without loss of traffic and serious consequences. Arrange consulting time.