Internet Marketing

Other Best Internet Marketing Services:

Arrange monthly website maintenance of your existing or new website if needed.

Help you choose the right and best web host from among thousands of web hosting services.

Special online marketing – Internet marketing trade secrets consulting where I reveal some of the our best trade secrets. This is different from the per/hour Internet business consulting where we are focusing on the website or business. This is for the beginning or advanced marketer.

We can write quality, professional well-written articles for you – keyword optimized – to help with your website content or to get traffic to your website, or establish you as an authority on your area of expertise or subject. We’ve written thousands of high quality articles. For this my assistants will do the writing based on my instructions but I will look over, edit and proof. .

Edit any of your fliers, brochures, web pages, press releases, articles, menus or anything written. Image is everything and poor grammar and punctuation IS noticed. Arrange consulting time.

Review any existing sales page, suggest changes and edit -can make or break sales if not done right. Arrange consulting time.

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Copywriting — prepare a one-page sales page for your website or copy for fliers, brochures etc. Arrange consulting time.

Write your press release in the journalistic, professional AP style for your ongoing use and/or submit your press release to the appropriate service for wide distribution or to your local newspapers. Your press release must be in AP style or it’s tossed. $399 to write press release only. Wire service costs and local distribution costs extra.

Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense trade secrets. These can take years to learn. Arrange consulting time.

Set up an account for you on Twitter or Facebook.

Want to write a book or ebook? 30 years experience helping publishers and now ebook publishers too, write, publish, promote and market their books. I know book and ebook trade secrets. Everything from ebook cover to proper format for best results and how to sell your ebook. Advice on whether your book or ebook idea is marketable or not — this can save you a lot of money. You don’t want to spend hundreds of hours writing books or ebooks and not be able to sell them. You must have a market and the right market. Help with title selection! This is of utmost importance. I’ve written dozens myself.  Arrange consulting time.

Help promoting and selling books, ebooks, websites, products and services.

And much more. Don’t know where to start? Set up consulting time with a phone appointment and have your questions ready. Email us with your Internet marketing and other needs. We are here to help!